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WCFV   100.1 FM
We are seeking sponsors in order to pay for tower space rental.  The process has been somewhat grueling but please continue to pray as we move forward with our conviction that people in the Willimantic area will benefit by a 24/7 Christian radio station.  We rest in the fact that God is directing us to bring this radio station to existence.  The FCC has given us an 18 month extension to get on the air...that's in February 2017. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Paul Lanier  (860) 428-4863

November 13, 2013:  Calvary Chapel of Eastern Connecticut applied to the FCC for an LPFM radio station in Willimantic, CT.
February 2014:  The FCC granted the construction permit for 100.1 FM operated by Calvary Chapel of Eastern Connecticut.
This 24/7 Christian radio station will reach Willimantic and the surrounding area.
We have to purchase broadcasting equipment. Please help bring 24/7 Christian radio to Willimantic by donating funds by clicking the PayPal button.  We are making progress but we can not do it alone.

​​This is the map of the estimated radio coverage that was conducted by our engineer using a tower site in North Franklin, CT.  

Become a Sponsor

What Is A Sponsor?
A sponsor is a means for individuals, business, and organizations to publicize their support for WFCV while informing the community about what they have to offer.
Are You Selling Me An Advertisement?
As a Low Power FM Radio Station, we are not allowed to sell advertising, but we can broadcast neutral information such as a company or organization's name, goods and/or services offered, location, business hours.
How Does This Benefit Me?
We can help you reach out to our audience, which hears not only about what you have to offer but also that you support local Christian/Community Radio. An association with 
WCFV Christian/Community Radio strengthens public perception of your commitment to the community.
Why Does WCFV Offer Sponsorship Acknowledgments?
WCFV has to pay for rent, utilities, maintenance and repairs and supplies from funding provided by donors like you. The FCC requires us to announce the entities from which we receive financial support but we would do so anyway. We want the community to know about the individuals, businesses and organizations that help us stay on the air.
How Do I Sign Up?
Complete the WCFV Sponsorship Agreement with a WCFV representative.

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